Congress Studies

PACE organizes a congress on a specific biblical theme , after two years. The theme and the host country of the congress are proposed by the plenary meeting. The Acts of the congress are published by a committee of editorial board. Congresses are also open to researchers who are not members, regardless of their religious affiliation.

Already held themes of the congresses

• Christianity and African Identity (Kinshasa, 1978);
• Acts of the Apostles and the Young Churches (Ibadan, 1984);
• Paul and the Churches (Yaounde, 1987);
• Johannine Communities (Nairobi, 1989);
• Universalism and the Mission in the Bible (Abidjan, 1991); • Kingdom of God in the Synoptics (Accra, 1993);
• Salvation and Revelation (Nairobi, 1995);
• The Church as Family and Biblical Perspectives I (Ouagadougou, 1997);
• The Church as Family and Biblical Perspectives II (Abuja, 1999);
• New Heavens and New Earth (Rev. 21:1): (Dakar, 2001);
• Prophecy and Prophets in the Bible: (Cairo, 2003);